Shree Krishna Arts College, Lakhani

College Women Cell

– Coordinator: 

Objectives of the practice:

  • To bring out hidden talents in the girls
    To train them for various co-curricular and extracurricular activities
     To develop creative art and ability
     To build their confidence by training them for various skill based activities
     To make them self-reliant by self-employment like domestic industries
     To provide them with the awareness of health, and law pertaining to women security, domestic violence
     To establish their contact with the social institutions which work for women
     To enhance their personality which will help them to avail the opportunities in future
     To provide them a ground on which they may proceed further and build their career and earn their livelihood.


Counselling Center


  1. Student Guidance and Counselling
  • Educational
  • Social
  • Psychological
  • Addiction
  • Sexual
  • Nutritional
  1. Psychological Testing and Assessment
  2. General Counselling
  3. Awareness Programmes
  4. Research Activities

-: Our Mission  :-

  •  This center exists to provide a free services to students and study of college, campus advantages and citizens of Lakhani. Our prime mission is to provide counselling and mental health support with strict regard to clients’ confidentiality, working in collaboration with different institutions.
  • Our mission is to promote person’s growth and development with regard to both personal characteristics and interpersonal competencies. This center is dedicated to providing high quality mental health services that support person’s ability to benefit from their experience. To this end the center provides psychological counselling, workshops, individual and group counselling, crisis intervention and training programmes that are responsive to the individual cultural and demographic diversity of students and citizens of Lakhani. 


-: Our Vision  :-

  • Sometime people may fear in to place of depression, confusion and frustration. The situation demands person’s attention and yet that he/she has been doing appears to only make it worse. In order to change the aspect of person’s like that have stuck, person need guidance and help from others. A trained counselor can help to shift the perspective. Our mission is to support students and citizens of Lakhani in their personal, academic and social endeavors by providing developmental and preventive mental health services.