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“Library is the heart of any educational institution and this is true in case of any Higher education Institute”. With the vision of providing students more opportunities to get acquainted with the world of knowledge and information our college has always given priority to the promotion of enlargement of college library. The college library has been progressing and developing with the passage of time. In this age of power of knowledge and the extension of information technology our college library has been striving to keep pace with the modern technology of knowledge. To cater to the needs of students and scholars and provide them services to their satisfaction has been the main objective of the college authority and library staff. Our undergraduate library offers relative materials needed to support study towards a three – year, undergraduate degree. It contains materials for more specialized study towards an advanced, post-graduate degree. The library provides our students with books and reference books that may help them not only in their studies but also in their all round development. Because of the complexity, range, and diversity of formats and information in academic libraries, our college offers programs to introduce incoming students and faculty to the institution’s library services. Such programs are designed to teach new users effective ways to make use of a variety of reference tools and library search mechanisms.

  • The college library is located in the eastern corner of the college building in a First floor spacious room with total carpet area of 288. 71 Sq. Mtrs. (Library 259.34 Sq. Mt. + 3 Rooms 29.37 Sq. Mt. = 288.71 Sq. Mtrs.). The room is airy and well ventilated. The access to the library is also very convenient. The stairs to the library are constructed in such a way that students may visit and leave the library without disturbing other lecture rooms of the college. The separate wing of the library provides students a peaceful atmosphere. The library has also three rooms constructed for the purpose.

These rooms are utilized for the following purposes.

Room — 1 : Reading Room for the Staff
Room — 2 : Library Administrative room
Room — 3 : Room for Computer & Research Work.

Room – 1 is exclusively designed as the Reading room for the staff of the college. The professors of the college avail of the facility of this Reading Room in their free hours. They also use the reference books here as such reference books are only for use in library. Reference books are not issued to be carried home.

Room –2 is the administrative office of the college librarian who keeps important files, documents and materials related to the stock of the library here.

Room – 3 is reserved for professors and senior students who are engaged in their research work. This room has the facility of a computer with internet connectivity.

  • The steady increase in the number of students enjoying the Reading Room facility of college library has prompted the college management to construct a new hall to accommodate the students who can use the Library Reading Room for Study. The hall to be constructed and expected to be ready by the next term will be on the 1st floor and connected to the library. Thus the students shall have the facility of library and reading room side by side.







  • The college has a very healthy tradition of appointing members of faculty as members of Library Advisory Committee every year. As the members change from time to time all the faculty members, senior as well as junior, get chance to be on the committee and contribute to the development of the library and also can have the experience of managing the library and the library could benefit by the expertise of different persons.
  • The library Advisory Committee meet from time to time to consider the ways to enrich the library and promote use of the library by students in a larger number.

The Library Committee mainly deals with the following matters :

  • Advance Planning of activities during the year
    Attracting more students to the library and increase their interest in books
     Discuss with different heads of the departments and the Principal and allotting the budget for each department
     To get feedback from the students about the library facilities and solve any problems, that arise during the year.
     To see to it that the primary needs of the students are satisfied and they feel comfortable while using the library facilities.
     To take actions against those students who damage books or any other utility of the library or misbehave in the reading Room.
    • To see to it that adequate infrastructure is maintained in good condition and the library is kept neat and clean.
    • To solve any problem that is brought to the notice of the committee by the librarian.
    • The Library Advisory Committee holds meeting regularly for all above-mentioned purposes. In case of emergency, the committee holds urgent meetings too.
  • The Library Advisory Committee for the present academic year 2021-22 :

1.The Principal


  • Ours is a full- fledged, well-furnished library equipped with adequate numbers of tables,chairs, cupboards, display-boards and computers with Internet connectivity.
  • WALK- INS :
  • It is a matter of great pride for us that the number of readers, users of library facilities is going up from year to year. During the current academic year on an average more than 150 students everyday visit the library for reading, books- borrowing and internet – surfing. The Internet is a new thing for majority of our students who come from rural background and on average 25 to 30 students per day enjoy the benefits of Internet facility provided by the library and add to their knowledge. The library is used by majority of students to read and refer volumes of reference books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, oxford companion, books and journals with literature for competitive examinations, magazines, journals and news papers. The students who have graduated from this college and are preparing for Net/Slet or G.P.S.C examination are also allowed to make use of these treasures of information. We have a practice of maintaining the record of all visitors of the library, students, faculty and scholars from outside, and thus we keep our statistical analysis of visitors. It produce us report on the interest of students in library.
  • The library is computerized in the sense all the books of the library have received data entries in the computer. The library possesses SOUL software of Inflibnet which has OPAC facility. Because of this facility students can easily locate the books they require with the entry of title, author and subject and can pick up the book they need. A special computer is reserved for this purpose.



  • Free internet services are available for every user of library. Total 6 Pcs, 2 speakers, and one printer is specially provided for students. A separate computer is provided with downloading facilities and for proper subject research to Professors and Researchers. This facility is very popular amongst the users.


  • Some special subject related Ejournals, Ebooks, articles has been collected by the library in its collection, to help the users for further research as and when they require. Moreover the important updates are being transmitted to the users regularly.


  • One printer is provided specially for students to get the instant print out of the information from the internet, but generally it is found that most of them carry such information by copying it in their pen drives or memory cards.


  • More than 360 CDS are available in library. Its use is restricted to library premises only. Copies of the CDs are made available to the users according to their requirements.


  • Our college library is expanding its area of services. During the current year we have collaborated with M.N Science College. Under this collaboration our students get the benefit of the library use of Science College and their students get the facility to access our library. For the convenience of students separate timings have been arranged i.e. from 7.30 am to 12.45 pm., science college students can access our library and from 11.30 to 5.50 our students get the benefit to access science college library. In addition to this all teaching and non teaching staff on the college campus can have the access to library services according to their requirements. More over, services are provided to retired professors of our college and to the external students of the university in the form of providing paper sets of previous examinations. Even the alumni of college is not deprived of this facility. They are allowed to make use of the required material and books in library premises.


  • From this year the services of providing the photocopies has been introduced. From 11.00 to 12.30 the students can have the photocopies of the required material on request. They are charged nominally at the rate of 0.50 paisa per copy.


  • The most important, amongst all services of library, is to create awareness of the library use and to educate the students about the correct use of library. The new entrants do not possess knowledge about the correct use of library and its activities. Hence these new entrants are made aware of all the services of library so that they get familiar to its proper access. For this, all instructions are being displayed on the notice board and the display boards. The new students are instructed about the library during their three day Orientation Programme. Moreover students are made aware of OPAC in library through general session.


  • Every year library arranges different programmes to create interest and enthusiasm among students for books and for the use of library. Such programmes include book exhibition, Vanchan Shibir,( Reading workshop) lectures etc. It is noticed that students positively take part in all these activities with full enthusiasm.
  • The contribution of library is always quite noticeable in the success of college in wining various competitions like debate, essay writing, elocution etc. It would not be out of point to note that a student of our college, Miss Pooja Joshi stood first in Vanche Gujarat competition organized by the Govt. of Gujarat in the state. She had been a regular user of our library.. She has completed her graduation and at present she is preparing for UPSC examination. She frequently visits library and makes use of books available in the library. We encourage students to avail of the facilities of library to build their future career.
  • Due to constant update of information and knowledge there is noticeable rise in the students’ progress.
  1. To computerize periodical section.
    2. To increase collection of non-book materials like CDS., eBooks, EJournals by downloading and to circulate it to the users.
    3. To introduce message alert.
    4. Automation in circulation section.
    5. To enrich institutional repository.
    6. Increase Audio-visual collection.
    7. Providing separate reading room (under construction at present) to users
    8. Providing a small room with audio-visual facilities to researchers in the library.
    9. To maximize awareness of library use.
    10. To establish tie up with other big libraries.
  • Due to constant update of information and knowledge there is noticeable rise in the students’ progress.
  • Under the leadership of the principal, with the efforts of librarian and with the co-operation of library committee we can rightfully assert that our library is one of the most active sections of our college which provides continuous guidance, support and motivation not only to students but also to college staff. Our librarian plays a very decisive role in coordination of all library activities making library quite dynamic and progressive . Under the inspiring leadership and creative suggestions of our principal the College library has been making immense progress.

Library Notice Board-

  • The timing of Central Library is 10:30 am to 5:00 pm (Saturday:7:45 am to 1:00 pm).
  • The timing of reading is 11:30 am to 4:30 pm (Saturday : 8:30 am to 12:30 pm).
  • The timing to borrow the books is 2:00pm to 4:30pm (Saturday:9:30am to 12:00am).
  • To be a member of library, submit the application with fee receipt and I-card.
  • The member student has to renew the membership in next year by providing fee receipt and I-card.
  • The student has to be member of the library within the month after getting admission.
  • The member can borrow the books for 14 days. Late return is penal tied.
  • The membership will be cancelled in case of any indiscipline found.
  • The library will charge triple amount of printed prize, if the book is lost or badly damaged.
  • A student has to sign the register lying on the table before he/she takes any magazines/periodicals. After reading it should be placed in proper place.

Rules for poor boys’ Library (PBL)-

  • To get benefit of the PBL, submit the prescribe application form along with the mark sheet of last examination passed and the income certificate.
  • The form should be submitted within one month after getting admission.
  • Selection of student form the received applications is carried out on the basis of both merit and income.
  • The selected student has to pay the amount of Rs. 50/- as deposit and Rs. 100/- for wear and tare.
  • The selected student will get a set of available text books for whole year. After examinations are over, the student has to submit the books.



Welfare Schemes for Students-

  • Government Scholarships are made available to the students belonging to SC, ST, OBC, EBC and Physically Handicapped categories. Other Scholarships from Postal Department, Central Directorate of Hindi. Students Welfare Fund are also made available to the concerned students.
  • The family of the students passed away due to accident is given Rs. one lack under the “Shahid Vir Kinariwala Vidhyartrhi Suraxa Juth Vima Yojana” sponsored by the Government of Gujarat.
  • In order to improve qualitative education of students and also to create competitiveness in studies the ranking students of the college in University examinations are given prizes. Besides studies prizes are given to best performers in Sports, NCC, NSS and cultural activities.
  • The students representing in various sports at University/Inter University level are provided with suitable dresses as well as other expenses.
  • For attending Seminar/Workshop/Youth Festival organized by University /Institutions, suitable students are deputed for their betterments. The expenditure is borne by “Krishna College Vartul”.
  • The poor students are provided with a set of text books from “Poor Boys’ Library”