• To shape a better future for mankind by producing integrity-driven individuals and socially responsible persons who benefit humanity/society in the long run.
  • માનવતા અને સમાજ ને કાયમી ઉપયોગી થઇ શકે તેવા પ્રામાણિક અને સમાજને સમર્પિત વ્યક્તિત્વોથી સભર એવા માનવજાતના ભાવિનું નિર્માણ કરવું.
  • To nurture and develop social, Educational, Literary Culture and economic identify of the tribal poor and other disadvantaged people of North Gujarat,
  • To undertake such educational, cultural and extracurricular activities so as to enable the students to achieve all round development.
  • To undertake such meaningful research which promotes scientific temperament of the people of the region and keep pace with changing global situation as well as the requirement of the local condition.
  • To attain excellence of students in academic world and prepare them to face the challenges of 21st century world, to inculcate in students the skills and values necessary to succeed in real life and above all to make them responsible citizens and real human beings with compassion and love.